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Tric-Trac Hardware

This game, also known by the name of Shut-the-Box, is easy to play and a great deal of fun. Opponents take turns rolling a pair of dice and flipping the levers to cover up the numbers corresponding to the numbers of the dice roll. The game is played until one of the players no longer has numbers left to match those on the dice roll. All patterns drawn FULL SIZE. Measures 12" x 16". Tric-Trac Hardware includes pre-spaced number decals, 2 fiberglass rods, 30 nylon spacers, self-adhesive felt and 2 dice. #3187 Number Decal only also available.
Tric-Trac Hardware
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
#3188TRIC TRAC HDW $12.99/PKG  

Required Items

  #W3394TRIC TRAC PLAN $12.99/EA  
  #3187NUMBERS 1-12 DECAL $4.59/SET