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Dragon Scooter Plan

This friendly dragon is a delightful ride for toddler-aged children! It is designed to roll easily on casters in all directions - scooting around will be a breeze! All patterns drawn FULL SIZE. Built primarily from 3/4" lumber, dragon measures 28"L with a seat height of approximately 11". Order one #7168B Birch Dowel, 2 each #9299 Green Eyes, 2 each #3024 Wood Half-Balls for the cheeks (2-1/2" dia.), 16 each #1818 Wood Half-Balls for the toes (1" dia.) and one set of four #9965 Stem Casters separately.
Dragon Scooter Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity

Required Items

  #18181" HALF RND WOOD BALL $0.35/EA  
  #92991-7/16" GREEN EYES $4.10/2  
  #99652" LOCKING STEM CASTERS (SET OF 4) $22.95/SET  
  #30242-1/2" HALF RND WOOD BALL $2.30/EA  
  #7168B3/4" x 12" BIRCH DOWEL $1.80/EA