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Big Bug Banks Plan

This coin bank set includes full size patterns for three bugs; a grasshopper, a ladybug and a bumblebee. Projects are made from 3/4" pine. Order one #3201 Coin Bank Hardware package and two each #9299 Green Eyes for each bank you build separately. Coin Bank hardware includes two pre-drilled clear bank side plates, twelve 1/2" x #4 round head screws and one bank plug. Also required are two #AP1 Axle Pegs per bank (for antennas). Order one package of axle pegs separately.
Big Bug Banks Plan
 Part #DescriptionSET3+Quantity
#W3566BIG BUG BANKS PLAN$15.99$11.99  

Required Items

  #92991-7/16" GREEN EYES $4.10/2  
  #AP1AXLE PEGS 7/32"x1-1/8" $0.29/EA  
  #3201COIN BANK HDW $11.99/PKG