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Ant "Farmstead" Plan

Watch and learn about the fascinating world of ants. Educational and fun for all ages. Watch ants dig tunnels and make chambers which they use for nurseries, food storage and resting places for worker ants. Plan includes an inexpensive source for ordering ants as well as 5 different experiments suitable for science projects. All patterns drawn FULL SIZE. Measures approximately 17"H x 17"L. Order 2 each #8762 Cartoon Eyes, #7451 Tie Rack Pegs (for antennae) and two pieces #8774 Clear Acrylic for windows separately.
Ant "Farmstead" Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
#W3537ANT "FARMSTEAD" PLAN $12.99/EA  

Required Items

  #8762CARTOON EYES 1-5/8" $2.59/2  
  #87741/16" x 8" x 10" CLEAR ACRYLIC $4.40/EA  
  #7451TIE RACK PEG 2-3/8" $2.40/10