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Dueling Pistols Plan

Designed after the actual pistols used by Alexander Hamilton (former Secretary of the Treasury) and Aaron Burr (Vice President under Thomas Jefferson) from their famous duel of 1804 when Burr shot and killed Hamilton. (#4048 Paper Label includes information about the duel.) Plan includes patterns for the pistols as well as the presentation box and the wall display plaque. To make two pistols order 2 each #8995 wood dowels and one piece #9563 Baltic Birch Plywood. To make the wall display plaque order #7227 Shaker Pegs, #5903 Brass Plated Corners and #4048 Paper Label. Or order the #5055 Dueling Pistols Special and save over $5.50! The #5055 Dueling Pistols Special includes the #W3516 Dueling Pistols Plan and the hardware to make two pistols and the display plaque: two dowels, one piece of plywood, Shaker pegs, brass plated corners and paper label. The remaining wood and the wood finish are not included. (A $30.54 value.) To make the presentation box order one pair #3193, #2092 Hasp, #5901 Brass Plated Eagle and #4048 Paper Label. All patterns drawn FULL SIZE. Wall Display Plaque measures 12"H x 21-1/2"L. Presentation Box measures 19-1/2"L x 10-1/2"W.
Dueling Pistols Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity

Required Items

  #2092BRASS HASP W/SCREWS $2.79/EA  
  #7227MINI SHAKER PEG 1 3/4" $4.60/10  
  #9563BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD 3/8"x12"x12" $6.60/EA  
  #89953/8" X 6" DOWEL $0.50/EA  
  #3193STOP HINGE W/SCREWS (PR) $4.55/PR  
  #40488-1/2" DUELING PISTOLS LABEL $0.75/EA