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Animal Escape Plan

Oh no! The circus animals have escaped! To perform this illusion, demonstrate that the circus cage as well as the magic escape box are hollow. After setting the hollow box inside the cage, place one or two stuffed animals inside the box. Wave your hand over them, then remove the hollow box and, magically, the animals have vanished! You can make them reappear by replacing the box inside the cage again and pulling the animals back out! Project is made from 1/4" plywood and some 3/4" stock. Order #4166 Stars Decal and #9560 Baltic Birch Plywood separately.
Animal Escape Plan
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Required Items

  #416612 STARS DECAL(1-1/2" EACH) $5.79/EA  
  #9560BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD 1/4"x12"x12" $5.40/EA