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Toy Workbench Plan

Little children love having their own workbench complete with tools made just for them! With this project kids can get real woodworking experience using the tools, too. They use the screwdriver to turn the two giant screws with slotted heads, they use the wrench to turn two hex head bolts and they use a hammer to pound wood dowels. This project is ideal for ages 2 - 4 years old. It measures approximately 23" high x 20" wide x 9" deep. Order two each #7168B Birch Dowels and one piece of #9560 Baltic Birch Plywood to make the hand tools separately.
Toy Workbench Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity

Required Items

  #9560BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD 1/4"x12"x12" $5.40/EA  
  #7168B3/4" x 12" BIRCH DOWEL $1.80/EA