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Break-Thru Block Plan

In this magic illusion, the magician holds two square columns up so the audience can see through one end and out the other. A wand, or the magician’s hand, can be shown to go through the columns to further prove that each is empty. He then holds a solid piece of plastic up for the audience to see. He taps a wood cube against the plastic to show both are solid. He places the plastic between the columns and explains to the audience that he will drop a solid cube down the top column and it will go right through the solid plastic plate and out the bottom of the lower column. He then drops the solid cube and it indeed falls through and out the bottom - seeming to penetrate the solid plastic plate. Each column measure approximately 7-1/2" H. Order #4166 Stars Decal, #9989A Blue Acrylic and three pieces of #9560 Plywood separately.
Break-Thru Block Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity

Required Items

  #416612 STARS DECAL(1-1/2" EACH) $5.79/EA  
  #9560BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD 1/4"x12"x12" $5.40/EA  
  #9989ABLUE ACRYLIC 5-7/8"x8-5/8"x1/8" $5.95/SHEET