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Disappearing Die & Box Plan

In this illusion, a 5" square die is placed in a hat (or other container) on one end of the table. Open the doors of the die box to show it is empty. Lift the die from the hat and place it inside the die box. Close the doors and tilt the box from side to side so the audience can hear the die sliding inside the box. Wave your wand and explain that the die will travel back to the hat. Open the doors of the box show it is empty. The die has now reappeared in the hat! This trick will completely baffle your audience, yet it is so easy to perform that even a child can do it. The die and die box are made from 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood. Order 5 each #9560 Baltic Birch Plywood, 3 pair #9840 Hinges and one each #4153 White Stars Decal separately.
Disappearing Die & Box Plan
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Required Items

  #4153WHITE STARS DECAL $6.79/EA  
  #9560BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD 1/4"x12"x12" $5.40/EA  
  #98401" x 1" HINGES W/SCREWS (PR) $2.50/PR