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Mystery Box Plan

The mystery box illusion is one of the easiest magic tricks to perform yet one of the most baffling of all magic illusions. Because it is "mechanical" (it works by itself - no sleight of hand required) it is perfect for first time magicians or anyone just getting into magic. You begin by tilting the box toward the audience and opening the lid so everyone can see the box is empty. Then tilt the box back upright and twirl the box around to show the whole outside of the box. Load some apples and oranges inside. Twirl the box around again. Now tilt the box toward the audience and open the lid again. The fruit has vanished! Tilt the box back up and remove the fruit which has now re-appeared! Box measures approximately 10" x 11" x 18". Make it from 3/4" pine. Order #3176 Dragon Decal and #7355 Felt separately below.
Mystery Box Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
#W3395MYSTERY BOX PLAN $16.99/EA  

Required Items

  #73559" X 12" FELT STICKY BACK $3.99/EA  
  #3176DRAGON DECAL $3.99/EA