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3-1/2" Fit-Ups with Brass Finished Bezel

These clock inserts come completely assembled and ready to install. One-piece unit includes the quartz clock movement, dial, hands and high impact plastic lense. #5694 has an alarm. Easy to mount - simply drill or saw a 3" hole in the front of your clock and insert the fit-up. Plastic fingers provide the tension needed to hold the fit-up, yet allows it to be removed for battery replacement or to change the time. Batteries not included. Mix or match from this chart for quantity discount.
3-1/2" Fit-Ups with Brass Finished Bezel
 Part #DescriptionEA5+Quantity
#5528WHITE ARABIC QUARTZ FITUP$15.95$14.95  

Required Items

  #306443" FORSTNER BIT $39.50/EA