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1-7/16" Fit-Ups with Brass Finished Bezel

These are the smallest quartz fit-ups available. Perfect for making small necklace pendants and desk sets. Mini Fit-Ups #6036-#6041 have plastic backs instead of sainless steel, but with the same mechanical reliability as our other 1-7/16" mini fit-ups. Choose fit-ups with hands or LED (light emitting diode) style. Battery included. Order #30637 (1-3/8" Dia.) Forstner Bit separately. NOTE: the black rings are shadows and are not part of the brass bezel. Okay to mix or match fit-ups from this chart for quantity discount.
1-7/16" Fit-Ups with Brass Finished Bezel
 Part #DescriptionMounting HoleEA5 - 2425 - 4950 - 99100+Quantity
#5513WHITE ARABIC MINI FIT-UP1-3/8"$11.95$10.95$9.95$10.65$9.95  
#5514WHITE ROMAN MINI FIT-UP1-3/8"$11.95$10.95$9.95$10.65$9.95  
#56161-7/16" WHITE EASY TO READ FITUP1-3/8"$11.95$10.95$9.95$10.65$9.95  

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