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Drill Press Table Plan

Why do you need a drill press table? There are more reasons than you might think. The cast iron table that came on your drill press is not only too small for woodworking, but the bottom of the table is uneven, which makes it difficult to clamp your work. Our Drill Press Table not only gives you the space you need, but is loaded with convenience features. Four 12" aluminum T-Slot Tracks on the surface let you clamp flat objects to the table Photo 1. The T-Tracks also provide back and forth adjustment of the fence. The Fence has a 24" T-Slot Track so you can clamp the wood on edge or position and clamp a stop block Photo 2. Our Stop Block is designed with a V notch so you can clamp a dowel or cylinder vertically Photo 3. A separate table insert for each of your sanding drums turns your drill press into a spindle sander Photo 4. The entire Drill Press Table including the Fence, Stop Block, and several Table Inserts can be made from two 24" x 24" pieces of 1/2" plywood. Fits most floor style drill presses. A 15" drill press with 3" column is pictured. Patterns drawn FULL SIZE. Drill Press Table Hardware This package includes four 12" and one 24" aluminum T-Slot Tracks with Hold Down Screws, two Fence Hold Down Bolt and Knob assemblies and two Hold Down Clamp assemblies. Project plan, wood and wood finish are not included.
Drill Press Table Plan
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  #9567BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD 1/2"x24"x24" $24.95/EA