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Kissing Geese Plan

Make this goose and gander and face them together as shown. See how a heart shape is formed under the heads and necks! A "1x12" x 10' board is enough stock to make both geese. They have a realistic three dimensional look because each goose is made from 5 layers of stock which you can cut out and glue together. They stand 23"H. Patterns for all parts are drawn FULL SIZE. Order plastic eyes separately, and to mount the geese in your yard or garden, order one 1/4" fiberglass mounting rod for each project.
Kissing Geese Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity

Required Items

  #86277/16" BLACK ROUND EYES $0.95/2  
  #86371/4"x13-1/2" FIBERGLASS ROD $2.15/EA