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"2 x 4" Reindeer Plan

You can make either two or four-legged reindeer. The legs and heads are cut from "2x4" stock. You get FULL SIZE patterns for both reindeer pictured. Projects stand 53"H. Hardware required to build both reindeer includes two pair of eyes, two wood ball noses, three nose mounting pins and eight screws. Red ribbon bows and jingle bells no longer available. Project plan, wood and wood finish are not included.
"2 x 4" Reindeer Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
#W13782 x 4 REINDEER PLAN $9.99/SET  

Required Items

  #13823/8"x2"DOWEL PIN $2.75/20  
  #1783CARTOON EYES 1-11/16" $2.59/2  
  #2252-1/4" ROLLER BALL $3.10/EA  
  #62812-1/2" X #8 PRODCTN SCREW $5.09/100