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Advent Wreath Plan

Advent, the four weeks before Christmas, are represented by four angels holding a holly wreath with four candles. Project pictured in 3/4" oak with 1/4" oak wings. Wreath measures 12" in diameter. Plans drawn FULL size. Order 4 candle cups, 4 brass inserts, 1 package of 10 pre-drilled balls, 1 package of dowel pins and if ordering our 1/4" oak you will need 3 pieces of 1/4" x 3" x 24" oak separately.
Advent Wreath Plan
 Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
#W1761ADVENT WREATH $12.99/EA  

Required Items

  #11421/4"x2" MULTI-GROOVE DOWEL PINS $2.50/20  
  #1325OAK 1/4"x3"x24" $9.95/EA  
  #8158PRE-DRILLED BALLS 3/4" $3.70/10  
  #CC1WOOD CANDLE CUP 1-1/2" $1.25/EA