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Quartz Movements

Mini Quartz Movements Mini Quartz Movements
The finest American made mini quartz movements available today. So good, we guarantee them a full 6 ...
Mini Quartz Pendulum Movement Mini Quartz Pendulum Movement
This motor has all the same features as our standard quartz clock movements. 6 year guarantee. Case...
Quartz Calendar Movement Quartz Calendar Movement
This pendulum movement features a red date hand which moves one increment every 24 hours. Use with o...
Quartz Dual Chime Movement Quartz Dual Chime Movement
Plays Westminster or Whittington chime on a four-quarter progression and counts on the hour. Feature...
Quartz Single Chime Movement Quartz Single Chime Movement
Plays Westminster chimes every hour, plays a portion of the chimes every quarter hour, and counts th...