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Wheel Accessories

Axle Caps Axle Caps
Glue these birch axle caps to the ends of wood axles for decoration or to secure wheels. The dimensi...
Axle Pegs Axle Pegs
Axle Pegs are the best way to install our wood wheels. Hole diameter refers to the hole in the wheel...
Axles Axles
Toy car axles for wheels with 1/8" center hole. Order A35 Axles for cars made from 3/4" stock. Sold...
Push Nuts Push Nuts
available in 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2"
Threaded Rods & Inserts Threaded Rods & Inserts
Threaded inserts are used for projects frequently assembled and disassembled. Install threaded inse...