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Scroll Saw Accessories

Double Faced Tape Double Faced Tape
Used for stack cutting plywood or other thin wood. Holds wood layers together while you cut. When yo...
Extra Small Starter Drills Extra Small Starter Drills
If the smallest drill bit in your set is 1/16" (.062inch), your starter holes will be way too large ...
Foot Pedal Switch Foot Pedal Switch
Step on the switch to turn the machine on - step off to stop. No wiring or installation required. Si...
Fretlite Fretlite
A high intensity LED light that shines up from underneath the scroll saw table. Illuminates the pred...
Saw Blades Saw Blades
Super Sander Set Super Sander Set
Replace your scroll saw blade with a scroll saw super sander. Designed for use with all scroll saws ...