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Die Cast Metal Wheels

Real metal die-cast wheels. Perfect for building antique toys, old fashioned wagons, etc. Mount with a nail or drill out hub and mount with a screw. All wheels are flat on one side, except #1781 which has a protruding hub on each side.
Die Cast Metal Wheels
 Part #DescriptionEA4+Quantity
#17781" METAL SPOKED WHEEL$1.00$0.90  
#17791 1/2" METAL SPOKED WHEEL$1.19$4.25/4  
#17802" METAL SPOKED WHEEL$1.65$5.90/4  
#17812-1/2" METAL SPOKED WHEEL$2.85$9.95/4  
#17823" METAL SPOKED WHEEL$2.85$9.95/4  
#17862 1/2" METAL HEART WHEEL$1.80$6.50/4