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Yard Ornament Mounting Kits

The best way to mount our yard ornaments. The 13-1/2" rods are 1/4" dia. The 18" and 36" rods are 3/8" dia. Each kit contains two fiberglass rods, 4 retaining clamps and 8 screws.
Yard Ornament Mounting Kits
 Part #DescriptionPKGPKGQuantity
#8545MOUNTING KIT$5.99$55.90/10  
#8565MOUNTING STAKE KIT 18"$7.70$71.00/10  
#86141/4" RETAINING CLAMP$0.55$49.95/100  
#86153/8" RETAINING CLAMP\ZPLT$0.60$52.95/100  
#8675MOUNTING KIT 36"$15.99$149.90/10